Denovo Health Partners

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Another Way to Exit

Denovo Health Partners provides business owners with a different way to realize liquidity than traditional private equity or a strategic sale. We supply both Liquidity and Leadership. Business owners may achieve liquidity and the ability to step back from daily management, while the company remains independent and grows under new leadership and a sophisticated board.

Sophisticated Investors

Denovo Health Partners is financially backed by nearly 40 prominent investors who have invested together for 30 years in small- to medium-sized companies. Our investors consist of:

Please visit our Founders page to learn more about our principals.


Denovo Health Partners

Private Equity
Strategic Sale
Role of Owner Flexible: full exit, consulting, board, etc. Multi-year commitment Division manager at best
Deal Terms Flexible High leverage Cash & stock (lockup?)
Horizon Long-term 3-5 years (fund life) Unclear
Strategy Growth Financial engineering Eliminate costs
Importance to Acquirer Sole investment Part of large portfolio Division of big company
Governance Energetic new leadership and board Scrutiny by distant board Layers of management above
Employees Protected with more growth opportunities Protected? Layoffs likely
Culture Preserved and enhanced Uncertain Bureaucratic
Brand Preserved and enhanced Preserved? Disappears
Customers Protected and strengthened Preserved Alienated

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